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In 1918 Giovacchino (Keno) Vignocchi came to the United States with his little brother and a dream that only the new world could offer. As a young man and the oldest of 5 during the depression, Keno stopped attending school to help his parents pay for the education of his brothers and sisters.

In 1926 at the age of 17, Keno started his legacy in the construction industry. In the years that followed he became a laborer for George Sollitt Construction Company in Chicago, Illinois. Keno quickly proved himself to his superiors and became the general labor foreman on the Montgomery Wards Building located at the river on Chicago’s Near North Side. Halfway through the Montgomery Ward’s project, they offered Keno the position of general superintendent. It was upon the offering of this position and at the age of 30 that Keno left Sollitt Construction and, with his life’s savings, purchased his first truck and began G. Vignocchi Construction Company.
During World War II, Keno Vignocchi enlisted and served in the United States Navy between 1942 and 1945. It was after his discharge that he began his prime contracting firm Keno Construction in 1946.

Throughout the 1950’s and 60’s Keno Construction grew to approximately 350 men and concentrated their efforts on government and municipal projects in Illinois and the surrounding states. Projects from this era include the Power Plant Foundation at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois; Concrete runways at
Scott Air Force SAC Base, St. Louis, MO; and a series of bridges over Illinois 294 Tollway at various locations.
In 1988 John Keno Vignocchi formed John Keno and Company, concentrating the company’s focus mainly on division 2 and 3 operations and management of other trades.

In our third generation as a family business, John Keno and Company understands the importance of continuing relationships. The relationships established with both owners, prime contractors, and subcontractors have been the foundation of our success throughout the years and provide us with the strength and abilities we have today.
Our construction specialists today average over 24 years experience in the construction industry throughout the nation. While each project presents new and challenging construction problems, our experience allows for a creative and hands-on management style that ushers quick, cost effective and efficient solutions.

Today’s JKC focuses on providing owner’s, architects, and prime contractors with a wide variety of construction services. Each service is tailored to fit the specific needs of the client, ensuring that all
planning, design and construction activities are met with the fullest degree of client satisfaction. Regardless of size, each project is assigned a project manager to oversee field superintendents and key personnel, ensuring work is completed effectively, efficiently, and in accordance with contract documents.
Our firm today is the result of years of diversified work experience, built on a foundation on dependable work, longstanding stable relationships, innovative means and methods, timely completions, and client satisfaction.

JKC is eager to expand and meet the challenges of the new millennium. With constant changes in computers and technology, the construction industry is forever creating new goals, challenges and milestones we will strive to meet.  

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