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Prime Contracting:
All of JKC’s construction specialists come from a prime contracting background with over 24 years of experience each. Each project is assigned a project manager with responsibilities that include submittal tracking, owner / client relations, pay applications, safety, etc. Typical prime construction projects range from Water / Wastewater Facilities and midsize concrete structures to Parks and Recreational Facilities.

Recent clients in our prime construction division have included the following clients:

• Capital Development Board
• Argonne National Laboratory / Department of Energy
• City of Chicago
• Chicago Park District
• United States Army Corps of Engineers
• United States Navy
• Village of Lake Bluff
• Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC)

Please contact our corporate office for a list of references


Performing earthwork smarter and faster has been critical to our success and growth in the Chicagoland area over the past decade.
Deep, complicated, and detailed excavations in unstable, problematic ground conditions prove to be our specialty. With decades in the water / wastewater industry, JKC has learned and developed solid, innovative solutions for almost every ground condition encountered. These skills provide the basis for knowledgeable and competitive earthwork estimates in and around the Chicagoland area.

Our investment into GPS technology allows JKC to interface directly with your architect and engineer’s AutoCAD files, eliminating questions about grades and elevations. This technology allows JKC to self perform layout and document existing conditions, as well as implement proposed design changes upon receipt. Our laser controlled machine technology has allowed our
firm to establish and obtain the most stringent of tolerances associated with projects such as synthetic ball fields and ice rinks.

Land development project can range from the subgrade preparation of proposed railroad right of way to the balancing of spoils on private / industrial sites. JKC can construct berms to alleviate highway noise, reclaim land and balance previously unusable space into revenue producing sites. JKC has also had extensive experience in landfill capping and environmental / remediation work
Utility Construction:
JKC self performs the installation of site storm, sanitary, and water piping on large-scale projects. JKC has installed piping types ranging from ductile iron, reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), vitrified clay piping (VCP), plastic (PVC & HDPE), through Cretex and other high-pressure piping. Pipe sizing has ranged from 4” through 120” diameter piping. JKC can also assist in value engineering, providing clients with alternative options in both pipe design and pipe materials that better meet the changing competitive market. Safety training is continual and is of the utmost concern on every site utility project.

Erosion Control:
For years JKC has had a presence in marine construction throughout Chicago’s North Shore, serving both the private and public sectors. People who purchase property on Lake Michigan soon discover the simple, inescapable truth regarding lakefront real estate. Because the process is so gradual and the effects so minimal on a daily basis, erosion can easily be ignored for a while.

Fortunately, erosion can be managed and even reversed if the problem is addressed in time. JKC can help you protect your property through the planning of an erosion control project that will enhance the beauty of
your property, thereby substantially increasing its value.

JKC will formulate an approach to your erosion problem that is both environmentally conscious and cost effective. Our team takes each project through three separate phases: definition of the problem, formulation of an environmentally conscious solution, and implementation of the construction to achieve the desired results.

Our solutions start with a clear identification of the problem. JKC analyzes a complex number of factors including shoreform, wave movement, seasonal accretion and erosion, weather patterns, and the frequency and intensity of storms. Other solutions may include the use of existing vegetation, sand beach fill, revetments, breakwalls, retaining walls, or any combination of methods.

With extensive industry experience, JKC will provide you with the leadership and hands-on management to assemble the necessary resources quickly and effectively. Upon completion of structural construction, JKC can landscape the area to suit your needs.
Site and Structural Demolition:
JKC’s demolition activities and scope range from asphalt and concrete paving demolition and clearing through structural and building demolition. JKC makes a conscious effort to recycle all demolition and earth materials, allowing our firm to not only be environmentally friendly, but also to allow a client’s project to obtain specific “Green” or “LEED” ratings. On several projects, our contribution and documented recycling has made the difference between specific LEED ratings.

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