JKC Chicago
JKC Chicago

We create the space where foundations are built.

Shoreline project

Over 70 Years of Experience

We Have Changed the Skyline, the Landscape, and the Shoreline

We are a family-held business expanding into its third generation. The name “Keno” has had a presence in Chicagoland construction since the mid-1930s, and since then we have delivered much of the construction and excavation work for many of Chicago’s most iconic buildings. We have helped define the roadscapes and waterfront character of much of the North Shore and other Chicagoland suburbs. From excavation and land development through design-build and turn-key delivery of the finished product, we complete all work seamlessly. We ensure success because every aspect of our work is executed collaboratively, with the goal of delivering cost-effective and comprehensive solutions, as well as the assurance that everyone goes home safely.


What We Can Do

The bean at downtown Chicago
Our Mission & Core Values

About John Keno

A Rich Tradition of Leaving Our Mark Across Chicagoland and The Midwest

Our reason for being is to take on the difficult excavation and shoreline projects while offering our Clients innovative, cost-effective solutions. We combine over 75 years of experience to form a strategic partnership with our clients that delivers aggressive yet executable field based solutions. Trust is captured through our honest "Can Do, Will Do" leadership approach.

We accomplish the above by having a flexible, family-based atmosphere supported with success. Our challenging projects are diverse in scope and foster real employee development and endless opportunity.

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Core Values


We are accountable and operate with intent for all parties to succeed.


We operate with forward thinking, innovative solutions that embrace the latest technology.


We’re fun, operating internally as a team and as a professional partner to our clients. Idea generating, unconditional cooperation for success, and leadership with safety for all is our #1 concern.

JKC crew members working on a project
Our Number One Concern


Every day, every worker: Can Do, Will Do. It is inherent to our culture. This is what JKC demands of every employee. Take 5’s, safety huddles, site specific JHA’s with understanding that each employee MUST be accountable not only to themselves, but to the team and client. This is how we stay competitive and relevant.

Always Thinking Forward


JKC prides itself in being paperless and “stakeless.” Through using the latest technology, JKC is recognized industry wide as a leader in implementing cutting edge innovations in both estimating and field operations.

JKC furthermore utilizes “in house” FAA license drones to fly projects to accurately measure quantities and project progression. This data is used to accurately measure “real time” productions, conditions, and more.

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