Deep, complicated and detailed excavations in unstable, problematic ground conditions are the specialty of John Keno & Co. After decades in the water/wastewater industry, JKC practices solid, innovative solutions for every ground condition encountered. These skills, coupled with expert logistic planning, provide the foundation for knowledgeable and competitive earthwork estimates in and around the Chicagoland area.

Using GPS and Total Stations technology, JKC interfaces directly with your architect and engineer’s AutoCAD files, eliminating questions about grades and elevations. This technology allows JKC to self-perform layout and document existing conditions and to implement proposed design changes upon receipt.

JKC employs “intelligent” GPS-controlled machine technology which has allowed our firm to establish and obtain the most stringent tolerances associated with projects such as synthetic ball fields and ice rinks while keeping cost low.

Our earthworks projects also include extensive landscaping projects, construction of berms, balancing of spoils on private/industrial sites, landfill capping and environmental/remediation work.

The Process


Utilizing lean methodology, pre-RFP consultations and a deeply experienced team, we plan and troubleshoot your project to ensure friction-free execution. Let us serve as your excavation division.


With a track record of success that includes the largest, most complex excavation and shoreline projects, our process for transparency, collaboration, and documentation has been honed over 50 years.

Problem Solving

A “can do, will do” approach ensures fast and effective problem solving to resolve unforeseen issues and prevent delays – with minimal change orders so you can close out projects faster.


Our values make all of this possible with our commitment to world-class performance, serving as an excavation extension of your team, and harnessing new technology to solve more problems.