A small amount of erosion can be easy to ignore but can lead to catastrophic failure over time, putting your property value and even your safety at risk. Lake Michigan has recently come off of record high levels so it’s easy to put off restoration. However, that makes now a good time to fix minor problems before they become major issues.

JKC has over 50 years of marine construction experience, working for private homeowners as well as government agencies across 40+ shoreline, bluff/steep slope, and ravine restoration projects throughout Chicago and on the North Shore of Lake Michigan, each with difficult and diverse earth and water conditions.

Why Shoreline Development?

Protect Your Investment Against:

  • Rising water and record water levels
  • 100-year storms every 10 years
  • Erosion of steep slopes and ravines
  • Collapsing bluffs
  • Past neglect
  • Shoddy materials
  • Inexperienced contractors
  • Overpriced solutions

Enjoy Value-Adding Enhancements:

  • Boat houses
  • Break walls and retaining walls
  • Docks and boat slips
  • Landscaping
  • Ramps, stairs and walkways
  • Revetments
  • Sandy beaches
Don’t lose your shoreline to Mother Nature
Combine your imagination and our expertise

From Our Founder

“When approaching a new project, we begin by studying the environment and existing conditions to determine root causes and contributing factors to your problem. We then tap into our extensive experience to determine the best solution for you. We want to fix all of your shoreline problems the first time so we never have to return. All too often, we have seen an expensive “Band-Aid” approach taken that leads to failure. We get superior results because we work within the parameters set by the ecosystem.

“We offer our clients the most complete service in our industry. Unlike most consultants who can only offer advice, we take projects from start to finish; through analysis, project design, planning, and construction. Because we have extensive erosion control experience, we can complete projects quickly and cost-effectively.”

– John K. Vignocchi, JKC Founder & President

Restoration Process

Step 1: Site Assessment & Problem Definition

To identify the precise causes of erosion, JKC uses state-of-the-art technology including GPS and BIM modeling to analyze complex factors including:

  • Shore form
  • Wave movement and attenuation
  • Seasonal accretion and erosion
  • Weather patterns
  • Frequency and intensity of storms
Shoreline Restoration Work
Shoreline Restoration Work

Step 2: Environmentally Sustainable Solution Formulation

Your solution may include the use of existing vegetation, sand beach fill, revetments, break walls, retaining walls, or a combination of methods.

As the builder, we can either work with your existing engineer or provide complete, “turnkey” design and construction.

Step 3: Construction & Development

Company personnel, all with extensive industry experience and hands-on leadership, assemble the necessary resources quickly and manage construction effectively. When the structural aspects are complete, JKC will landscape the areas to suit your needs.

Shoreline Restoration Work

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