Construction of a 120-foot pedestrian footbridge and two miles of trails was needed over an environmentally sensitive preserve with soft soil, sloping ravines, and dynamic water flow – without impacting the surrounding wetlands or foliage.


  • As the project’s general contractor, JKC worked with the construction company, bridge erectors, engineers, and landscaping subcontractors to ensure timely completion without disturbance to the natural habitat
  • GPS positioning and timber wood matting helped ensure the safe movement of heavy equipment across nearly a mile of dense old-growth forest with clearance as little as four inches in some places
  • 12-foot deep concrete footing and stone backfilled abutment wall created stable foundation for the pedestrian suspension bridge


Minimized environmental disturbance with maximized structural stability and enhanced public access to the 61-acre preserve.

Awarded the American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois’ 2024 Engineering Excellence Honor Award and Judges’ Choice Award for Small Projects.

Lake Forest Trail After
Deromedi Bridge After

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