With JKC as your excavation division, you get meticulous planning and friction-free execution built around lean methodology, the latest civil construction technology, pre-RFP consultations, and a deeply experienced team.

The bottom line: our processes are designed to get things right from the start, to ensure that even small issues are addressed early in the process and don’t grow into obstacles that can add time, cost and risk to your project.

Pre-RFP Consultations

We are available for pre-bidding consultations that can help prevent problems related to demolition, excavation, grading, utility construction, and other site preparation. Consultations include addressing means and methods, sequencing, and proper site logistics that address owner and community concerns.

Subcontractor Consolidation

We are diverse in our scope and management and can manage everything outside of the building to reduce the number of contractors you have to deal with.


Poor planning and inadequate training are the cause of many accidents and injuries. At JKC, safety is our top priority so we are diligent in our efforts to ensure the safety of your project with measures that include:

We also conduct internal safety training throughout the year, participate in annual safety summits, have all supervisors go through OSHA 30-hour certifications, excavation competency training, and are first aid and CPR training on a regular basis. All JKC personal protective equipment (PPE) is standardized and required on all projects, and we never cut corners.

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