A “can do, will do” approach ensures fast and effective problem solving to resolve unforeseen issues and prevent delays – with minimal change orders so you can close out projects faster.

Dealing with the Unforeseen

Even with the best planning and execution, unforeseen problems can occur. That’s when you need an excavation team who won’t simply shrug their shoulders and wait for someone to tell them what to do.

With JKC acting as your excavation division, diligent planning, execution and troubleshooting ensure that issues are resolved with a “can do, will do” approach that makes your life easier and your projects more profitable. This stems from our founder’s military experience. JKC sets the pace for all of your other contractors, with demonstrated excellence in execution for the largest, most complex projects.

JKC works on the deepest, most challenging projects so we have extensive experience dealing with:

We implement the latest technology and take no shortcuts in our efforts to ensure a successful project outcome, and when delays occur, we typically pick up where we left off and continue to push your schedule.

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