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Below are three values that guide our work every day, on every project. We work best with general contractors, subcontractors and property owner clients who share these values:


We are accountable and operate with intent for all parties to succeed.


We operate with forward thinking, innovative solutions that embrace the latest technology.


We’re fun, operating internally as a team and as a professional partner to our clients. Idea generating, unconditional cooperation for success, and leadership with safety for all is our #1 concern.



Diversity & Inclusion Policy

John Keno & Co. is dedicated to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion for all. Company values are important, and are only made better by gathering the experiences, knowledge, and perspectives of people from all walks of life. We celebrate differences in age, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, family and marital status, and all the various backgrounds that help shape us all.

Our commitment to diversity applies to hiring practices, promotions, pay and benefits, terminations, training, teambuilding, and more. Prospective employees and current employees alike are expected to treat each other, and be treated, with respect and dignity. We seek to foster an environment that promotes:


Some of the women at John Keno & Co. Excavation

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